Locomotive Community Organization (LCO)


What is the LCO?

The mission of the Locomotive Community Organization (LCO) is to:

  1. Create a community of close relationships between the child’s home and school by encouraging communication and engagement between teachers, the administration and families.
  2. Provide support for Washington elementary, its teachers and families of Students.

The LCO is inclusive and constitutes a group of diverse, organized an effective members who will meet this mission through, among other things, developing and participating in school wide activities, providing substantive administrative feedback as appropriate and raising funds for the financial support of the school and teachers.



All parents, guardians and caregivers of children at Washington Elementary School are members of the Locomotive Community Organization. Unless otherwise entitled, school administrators, teachers and staff are non-voting members. No fees are associated with membership.



​The elected officers for the LCO are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasure
  • Classroom Representative Leader

Terms are for 1 year.


We need YOU to help make our STEAM school a success!
Volunteer- A Little or Alot Makes a Difference

There are many ways to help! Our Locomotive Community can assist in:

  • the Library
  • prep work for projects (cutting, stapling, sorting)
  • STEAM Exhibition Day/School-wide events/Field Day
  • fieldtrip chaperone

Be sure to fill out the volunteer packet and the beginning of the school year.

Your child’s teacher might have other possible ways to help – Please note that every class is different. Please check with the teacher, and we’ll see you on campus!

Volunteer Requirements

Please complete the following before volunteering:

    A current and completed volunteer registration form.

    A copy of a recent TB Test or chest x-ray form/ card indicating a negative result.

    A completed and cleared Volunteer Sex Offender Check Authorization Form or a completed and cleared Volunteer Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Check or current fingerprinting on fine with district.

Fieldtrips: Fingerprint clearance is required to transport/chaperone students on fieldtrips.