STEAM Program Pipeline


About our STEAM School

Our Why

Our Guiding Principles: We Lead, We Innovate, We Empower, We Care

Washington Elementary provides an engaging and collaborative community where all learners thrive. We are an interdisciplinary STEAM- focused school with a sustainable model for innovation that supports learners in solving authentic problems/dilemmas through inquiry. We strive to develop and empower lifelong learners, that have the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to lead successful lives. (5 Pursuits- Joy, Criticality, Identity, Intellectualism and Skills, G. Muhammad).

STEAM at Washington Elementary:

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology,Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics.  Our STEAM program is implemented through Project Based Learning (PBL) and is supported by the New Tech Network and The Leader In Me. As a STEAM school, our school has 1-1 technology, extensive staff training, and PBL Coaching. Each classroom was designed for Project Based Teaching and Learning.   See Class Renderings

It is important to note that STEAM is not a program, but a philosophy. Traditional education philosophy separate subjects completely, so that skills may be developed in one area and abandoned in another. In our real world, content knowledge is interwoven, layered and centered around a dilemmas that affects the community that we serve.

The “A” in STEAM

In addition to utilizing Art as strand of PBL in all classrooms, students K-6th participate in Art class. In this class students learn to paint, color and draw using a variety of mediums. This year we will add silkscreen art to further our student’s artistic ability using a screen press. In addition, all students also receive Theatre and Music provided by 2 guests teachers from the Sacramento Theatre Company twice a week! 

Physical Movement-Yoga

All students start the day with mindfulness Yoga. Led by our ”Yogamotives,” our students begin each morning with breathing exercises that focus on agency and mindfulness. Our original Yogamotive team was trained through the Sacramento Yoga Seed Collective