Our Story

Re-opened in 2016, Washington is the second oldest elementary school in the Sacramento City Unified School District. We want to continue to acknowledge the past accomplishments and experiences of the school and Midtown community while also forging a new identity that best meets the changing needs of our students and community.

We are proud to be part of a community with such great history. To honor our unique Sacramento History, we have changed the school’s mascot to the Locomotives to recognize our history as a West Coast train hub as connecting to the core principles of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math). The Locomotive was one of the first major technologies that impacted the world as we know it, and it’s a great example of the elements of STEAM in practice.

Re-opening as a new STEAM school utilizing Project Based Learning (PBL) as the main instructional method, it is important that we think of new ways that we can partner with local businesses and community organizations. We realize that it takes a community to support student learning and growth. As our teachers begin to design their PBL units, they are looking for authentic problems that their learners can address as they move from transferring knowledge to transforming knowledge to address real world problems. In addition to our shift in the instructional practice we will be focusing on supporting and developing our learners in areas of their Social and Emotional Learning.

We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with you in our journey in building a community STEAM school from the ground up. 

Our School Community

We serve a student population of students from diverse socioeconomic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Currently 1/2 of our students reside in Midtown, 1/4 reside within SCUSD boundaries and 1/4 reside outside the SCUSD boundaries. Our school reflects the richness and diversity of our City!

Our teaching staff is made up of new and veteran teachers of different backgrounds and experiences who believe in all of our students. “We are caring, supportive, intentional, innovative and compassionate. We chose Washington and we share a common purpose to provide a supportive learning environment for all learners to thrive. We’re a family connected with eachother and the neighborhood community we serve.”